01. Zico - Dead leaves
02. The Quiett - Hotter than the summer
03. The Quiett - Be my luv
04. Beenzino - Relation
05. Zico - I'll do better next time
06. Beenzino (Feat. Okasian Dok2) - ????
07. Crucial Star - Stupid love song (prod The Quiett)
08. Jerry.K - ??? ? 2011 (feat. The Quiett)
09. Crucial Star - Like it like that
10. The Quiett - Love vibration
? The Quiett - If I Could Reach ?


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omg thank you so much… i’ve been waiting this ToT



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your senpai blo hyung is next to me right now

your senpai blo hyung is next to me right now

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Illionaire popularity ft an embarassed babyzino
Tablo's Dreaming Radio: Dodeok Night Tablo: Objectively speaking, who's the most popular out of you three?
The Quiett: Each of us has his own charm.
Tablo: What's Dok2's charm?
Dok2: I can't really say that myself, I don't know.
Tablo: I think The Quiett is charming these days, even for men.
Dok2: It's always been like that.

kangjun transforming into the quiett 

? Interview with Paloalto! ?


Street-Crush interviewed Paloalto a while ago, and I just never had the chance to translate this. Sorry about that! But here it is~ 

1)      When did you start making music, rapping, and writing lyrics?

I started writing song lyrics when I was in 6th grade of elementary school, and started writing rap lyrics in middle school.

2)      Some people say that they believe they can’t rap as well with a microphone compared to their live voice, does Paloalto feel that way also?

I’ve never felt that way.

3)      We are wondering if there is a possible reunion or future activities planned for P&Q.

There are no plans.

4)      Aside from the well-known producers Soriheda, Primary, and Coke Jazz, are there many producers in the Korean hip-hop scene?

Yes, there are many existing and I believe there are many producers like them who even I don’t know.

5)      Are there any artists that you would like to collaborate with?

There are many. However, I think I need to find matching songs and then offer to work together.

6)      Do you have any thoughts about holding a concert overseas (for example the US or England)?

The thought is always there, but I don’t have specific plans yet.

7)      What are your future activities?

As always, to make good music, to hold amazing performances.

8)      Out of all your songs, which is your favorite?

It changes from time to time, but I want to recommend ‘Renaissance’ the most.

9)      Who are your favorite artists? (Overseas and Korean artists)

There’s too many. It’s hard to enumerate all of them…

10)   What music do you listen to often nowadays?

There’s too many. It’s hard to enumerate all of them…

11)   What made you want to be a rapper?

Because rapping was so fun.

12)   As a rapper, is there a goal you want to achieve?

I think that perhaps I have already achieved all the goals as a rapper. I will continue making creative works, not as a rapper but as an artist.

13)   Are there any words of advice or anything you would like to say to students who dream of pursuing music?

Listen to your heart. (Literally: Tilt your ears to your heart).

14)   What are your thoughts on overseas fans?

It’s fascinating, and I am thankful.

15)   Are there any artists that Hi-Lite Records would like to sign with?

As of now there aren’t any.

16)   Is there a separate place for artists to record within Hi-Lite?

Yes, Hi-Lite Records has a studio.

17)   What are the pros of being the head of Hi-Lite?

I am always thankful that I am able to be with creative and great artists.

18)   Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to your overseas fans?

I really want to meet everyone through performances.

Below are the pictures that Hi-Lite sent me and the autograph Paloalto signed for Street-Crush!










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Artist: Chamane
Album: 19
Track: 19
Plays: 1,751


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? Exclusive Interview with Rudeka ?


"I’m not afraid of dying, I’m just afraid of being forgotten."
Rudeka has produced and released over 14 mixtapes and stands out with a special rap style, a unique voice and honest lyrics. In 2013, he choose music over university and has recently released his latest mixtape The Amazing RUDE-MAN.
Tkhhi has asked him about his mixtape, himself and music.

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humble gonzo fishing for compliments while shaving chamane’s head (≧∇≦)

? Illionaire Vocabulary ?


So, I had this fun idea to list some Korean words that are either commonly used by the three Illionaires or appear in their famous punchlines or song titles.
They range from beginner vocabulary to colloquial language. No matter if you’re learning Korean or not, if you’re a beginner or intermediate, after reading this list, you’ll definitely be able to make out some of these words while listening to their songs. And I’m sure you know at least one of them. Have fun! Feedback is welcome!
This list will most probably be updated later, follow us @tkhhl to stay up to date!

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trophy obsession

precious 1lli ceos acting cocky after spazzing over bobby’s win (。>ω<。)